http://ajax.googleapis.com is down

Many sites are hosting their javascript libraries on googleapis.com, such as jquery, which is supposed to be faster because googleapis is CDN (Content Distribution Network), however, what happen if googleapis.com is down.

Today, I see this problem, I went to nettus, slickdeals, they are extremely slow, I see this at the Firefox process bar,

connecting to ajax.googleapis.com...

Initially, I thought it is my ISP problem, I could not open “ajax.googleapis.com” at all. Then I tried http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/, which told me, the site looks down for everyone not just for me.

I also went to Twitter to see if people are talking about this, unfortunately, their site also uses googleapis, and the search seems broken.

Anyone have the same problem?

By the time (1:55pmEST, 06-18-2010) I am writing this, the googleapis.com looks down for me for about 30 mins.

Updated: 2:00pm EST 06-18-2010, looks like the server is back. Not sure it is just my ISP problem, because ajax.googleapis.com’s home page is a not found page (BTW, I got timeout error when there was a problem), downforeveryoneorjustme.com may always say that it looks down.


  1. I don't think ajax.googleapis.com has a home page (because it's a web api service, and not a web page) If you go directly to a hosted javascript file, you can see if the service is back up, ie:

  2. Yes. I agree. Actually, I realized that. See my updates at the end of the post.

    I think if googleapis.com is up, we should see a not found page of ajax.googleapis.com, however, when there was a problem, I got timeout error of that page.